Coro Polifonico Vox Nova di Fabriano, Viale Enrico Stelluti Scala 13,  60044 Fabriano         PI: 90007830426
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The “Coro Polifonico Vox Nova” (“Vox Nova Polyphonic Choir”) was established in 1994, in order to increase the awareness of polyphony and vocal music especially among youths who are seldom interest in  this kind of music. The choir’s repertoire spans all the most important musical production timeframes, with a specific focus on the twentieth century. Based on its activity, on the variety and originality of its performances, the “Vox Nova” was awarded the “A.R.Co.M. Prize” in 1997. This prize is awarded annually to most distinctive choir recently established. The choir also organized conferences on several topics related to its repertoire (“Medieval Poetry, the Carmina Burana”, “Gregorian Chant: Music and Soul”, “Sabbah and Witches: painting, anthropology and magic”, “Domenico Bartolucci: a lone musician and contemporary polyphony”, “Sacred Polyphony between liturgy and concert”). It took part in the studio recording and stage performance of the famous musical “Sweet Charity”, directed by Sidney Higgins, an Italian premiere which was brought to stage in several Italian theatres, including the “Lauro Rossi” in Macerata. The “Vox Nova” participated to many Choir Festivals in Italy and abroad, and entertains regular exchanges with other Italian and Foreign choirs. It toured in Poland (as part of an exchange between the Marche Region and the Konin County), Bulgaria, Germany, France, Luxemburg and Norway. The Choir also executed symphony performances, such as the “Magnificat” by Bachm the “Missa Jubilaei” by Bartolucci, the “Messa dell’Incoronazione” by Mozart and many others, in cooperation with important orchestras, such as the “Accademia Strumentale Umbra”, the “Accademici di San Rocco” and the Pesaro Symphony Orchestra. The Choir employed some internationally famous solo singers such as the Soprano Cinzia Forte, the Mezzosoprano Sonia Prina and the Baritone Andrea Concetti.
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